PokeRogue - A Pokemon Rogue-lite game

PokeRogue is a unique rogue-lite experience set in the Pokemon universe. Unlike traditional Pokemon games, PokeRogue features procedurally generated worlds, meaning the map and encounters change with every playthrough.

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This injects a hefty dose of strategy and replayability, forcing you to adapt to ever-changing situations.

Additionally, while it doesn't have permadeath like some Roguelike, PokeRogue offers a challenging experience that requires careful planning and resource management.

Who create PokeRogue?

The creative minds behind PokeRogue remain shrouded in a bit of mystery. However, the game's active development can be found on GitHub, hinting at a passionate community effort.

Uncover the intrigue of PokeRogue's collaborative spirit on our website. Join us in exploring the evolving world of gaming.

What are audiences of this rogue-lite game?

If you're a Pokemon fan yearning for a fresh challenge that tests your strategic thinking and adaptability, then PokeRogue is for you.

Explore a new world of ever-changing environments and strategic depth perfect for Pokemon masters seeking a fresh challenge.


PokeRogue is a game that combines the world of Pokemon with a genre called a "roguelite" Roguelike are known for their difficulty and permadeath, where if your character dies, you start the game over from the beginning.

While PokeRogue doesn't exactly follow the permadeath aspect, it does have some features that make each playthrough different and challenging.


At its core, PokeRogue retains the turn-based battling system familiar to Pokemon fans. You'll encounter wild Pokemon, capture them to build your team, and engage in strategic battles.

As you progress, you'll face challenging decisions that enhance your team's power but also increase the difficulty.

How to view a specific Pokémon?

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